Like A Brother (2017) - 14 Tracks Album

by Beng Beng Cocktail

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    15 Tracks of pure DIY Crystalcore
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(free) 02:53


15 songs of pure DIY Crystalcore


released March 1, 2017

All songs recorded at Befa Moving Home Studio
All songs written by Skal & Befa
Mixed and Mastered By Ludo Machu
Artwork By Nico Demettre :


all rights reserved



Beng Beng Cocktail Paris, France

So on the 1st March 2017, their third full length is going to be released. « Like a Brother » is their best album so far. Recorded totally D.I.Y but given the professional treatment during the mix and master sessions , this album sounds fantastic. It truly reflects exactly what beng beng is : beautiful mélodies, big bass lines and choruses that will stay rattle around your mind hour after hour. ... more

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Track Name: Fucking Rudeboy
4 blackouts a week don’t you think is that too much // Before you were smoking weed don’t you think it was enough // You’ve built your own business with that gold in your hands building houses for your friends living the dream of your own brand // Now all your money is gone in the bars drinking alone you never answer to your phone and wake up always stone // Your firm is now so weak that you don’t know where to sleep paying your beers with change I think you have to change

What have you done you the fucking rudeboy // Where have you been // Where are you going you the fucking rudeboy // Stop drinking that much or you’ll die alone you the lonely rudeboy // We miss the old you, you need to get up like a fucking rudeboy

It’s time to forget the past // You have to react fast // You’ve everything in you, we’re here to help you but you’re the only one to have the keys to go through // I remember the time you were not blind listening to your friends having good times // Wake up, move on, it’s time for you to be in detox to get stronger and solid like a rock
Track Name: Hunger Shames
Fucking bitch ! You force me to buy your fucking shit // Stealing lands and branding trees, you create poverty by bringing your GMO corns // Burning from inside the world, you don’t respect any norm // Take a glass, have a seat, don’t be a prick // Your dick is so small it looks like a fucking toothpick // Not dangerous ? Go ahead and take it in one seap // You are a fucking coward a motherfuckin bitch

You are poisining earth with your fucking round up // You are poisoning us we will all be fucked up // New diseases will appear and make us disappear // You are killing mankind, is it not that clear ? // It is time for earth to stop suffering // It is time for us to raise our fist // Let’s create our own district 13 // We have to become the new Katniss Everdeen

Is it a game for you ? We call it hunger shames
Track Name: 3 - Six Roses
This morning my friend Seb called me
He was crying, that’s all I could hear
After 30 seconds of choking, he managed it
« louby is dead, I can’t believe it »
« papa punk » as we used to call him
« scorpion » as some may have known him
has decided to leave us on his own
The ultimate DIY, he died alone…
He started his life as an antifa
He ended it as a fucking paria
Too many people talking behind his back
Don’t worry now he’ll never come back
He was that kind of guy you call when you have a problem
That kind of guy that could sing « atheist anthem »
A dad with 9 children and 7 wives
A man with 9 cancers and 7 lives
He’s gone !!!
Now he’s gone !!
You had also your dark side
But you were always against the white pride
Sometimes violent, going to jail several times
Of course you crossed the line
You knew how to make money
Insurance fraud, it was so easy
You liked to party so much at your « six roses »
Drinking till the end, till the cirrhosis
You did a lot for the punk scene
Building squats and giving jobs to the poors
A huge heart, a friend that passed the door
You were that kind of guy I called for a beer
That kind of guy so confident without fear
A man with 9 jobs and 7 houses
A friend with 9 hearts and 7 sins
You’re gone !!!
Now you’re gone !!
Track Name: Traitors, haters and traders
You play with the money earnt by the others // To be rich you could kill your mother // You create poverty by playing with your computers // Please keep taking cocaine and do an OD // You the motherfucking trader you never answer to me when I’am asking for a loan always requiring my jobberies harrassing me by phone
Track Name: Half-Baked band

You play music to be the new star // With the money your mum gave you, you bought a new car // You feel like a king with your thousand euros guitar to play the same 3 chords on each song in the same bar // Your song are as empty as your bottle of whisky // Your ego as big as your pocket full of money // You’re playing punk coz you’ve been rejected by hippies but you’re like them stealing the cash of the show without asking

Hey ! you know you’re just a fucking clown // You motherfucker you’d better stay out of my town // Hey ! look ! you’re just a silly redneck // You have no soul everything in you is fake

You’ve been added on the bill coz you have the contacts // Your music is shit, I’m sorry it is just the facts // Adding a horn doesn’t give you skills of jazzmen // You show no respect acting like a fucking scumbag // You pee on the door of the pub welcoming you // Doing the helicopter with your dick in front of our crew // It’s the first and last time I’ll organize a show for you // Stop playing and touring it is the best thing you’ve to do
Track Name: Like a brother
First day of school, 20 years ago, waiting for my lunch I found out my bro // We grew up together // Many stories we remember // From middle to high school, never following the rules smoking weed on class breaks // Friendship has never been fake // At thirteen, I started bass and you took the guitar playing together expressing our (he)art

You’re like my brother // Let’s rock again together // You’re like my brother // Remember together we are stronger than ever

TSB was born our first skapunk band // Rancid, NOFX albums in our hands, we enjoyed listening punk with our friends // Skateboarding all day long in week end // Then we took the car many many times // Going on road trip, sleeping outside // Meeting people and having parties // Drinking on the sand, smoking with hippies // First day of college 12 years ago, recording skapsom still with my bro // Time for us to start having shows // On tour rockin’ the 40oz // First song of beng beng 8 years ago, the good old from the swallow // 2/3 of our life together of course you’re like my brother
Track Name: Last Lie
We won’t listen to you anymore // It was your last lie // We don’t trust you anymore // There is no need to cry // We are not friends anymore // You thought we were blind // We won’t listen to you anymore // It was your last lie

We thought we were good friends always shaking hands // I remember all those parties where we drank so much // Speaking about the world, understanding each other without a single word // Listening plenty of music // All those parties were epic // We’ve trusted you, we’ve trusted you // We’ve always supported you but one day our roads began to separate // We did not realize that you went away // You’ve started with a small false excuse and you’ve ended up with big lies // We don’t deserve so much abuse // It took some time for us to realize

We’ve trusted you, we’ve trusted you // We thought we were good friends // We’ve always supported you // We’ve always shake your hands // You’ve started with a small false excuse and you’ve ended up with big lies // We don’t deserve so much abuse // It took some time for us to realize
Track Name: Is (Th)is
Is this your vision of mankind ? A dedicated life for an unexisting god // Is it your faith making you blind ? A devoted belief for an unexisting god

You hide yourself behind the Koran to kill people from France to Iran // You badly interpret muslim texts to legitimate rape and to cut women sex // You pray on your carpet 7 times a day // You’re so fake you’re looking for doomsday // You don’t allow anyone to eat pork // Is cannibalism forbidden by your doc ?

You hide your women behind a burqua and you force everyone to apply charria // You behead children cause they’re watching soccer // Nothing can reason you, you could kill your daughter // You coward you destroy and never create // Killing innocent in the back, rejecting freedom you hate // You censor freedom of expression to control information and mass population
Track Name: Mr H
You’re so big you cannot close your tie // Since you’re here you’ve done 3 years of lie // Stop increasing taxes to fill your fridge // You’re fat enough it’s time to close your mouth // Mr H please ! Stop governing lunch is waiting // You’re so stupid that when you want to hide yourself // Your helmet makes the headlines of all the press // Mr H please ! Get out of here, get out // Mr H please ! Stop governing stop lying
Track Name: Lonely Bobby
Today is your first day of holiday, you just remember you bought a dog for your birthday // A lovely puppy, always happy // That couldn’t choose his house, so unlucky // So you decided to take your car // Bobby was great, he tought he was going for a walk // But the road is not the same, he started feeling bad // For sure he would have implored you if he could talk

What do you feel when you abandon them // Letting them without food and water alone // Where is your heart when you send them // To their deaths lost alone on a road

You make a stop in the middle of the forest and throw a wooden stick without any regrets // Booby ran out and brought it back with the doubt you’ll never come back // He never thought his best friend could do that // So he tried to find the way back to go home and then remembered what happened to the cat // His pain was so high that he died alone
Track Name: The Death Of The European Industry
I’m not a fatalist // I’m not an economist // I’m not a defeatist but I can see the reality // Euro industry’s dying because of big companies looking for low cost countries where they’re exploiting teens // Support your workers // Keep fighting for your rights // By buying to local producters, keep our families strong and tight // To be exemplary is the duty of our industry // To improve the social model and reject the financial bubble

Dying, industry’s dying // I know this job is not the perfect plan // Dying, industry’s dying // The whole world needs our hands

Industry is not always insane // It’s true some thing have to change // We have to use our brains to start a new plan // Sometimes rather than to hate // Keep thinking to try to innovate // To stay one step ahead // Share your ideas digging in your head // So keep the hope and throw the rope // Be proud of our work // Believe in yourself we won’t be blocked // I work in the industry making it eco(logical) friendly // If we keep on using our hands we’ll postpone the end
Track Name: Trash TV
You’ve quit your studies to see your face on tv // Children watch you everyday saying stupidities // Maybe you should have spent more time in school // Instead of doing nothing and become a fool // Top priority of the day : taking a selfie // Share it ASAP, one more picture of me // Your followers think your life is a dream // It’s true, nothing is real

Trash TV !! Doing shit, showing your ass, you’re like a whore // Making easy money you’re too lazy to go to work

What are you ready to do to have your 15 minutes of fame // You have no limit, shame on you // Remember that life is not a game // You all have the same tattoes without any meanings // You all have the same arm full you’re just fucking sillies
Track Name: One year In The Dark
Maybe you will think everything is alright // Maybe you will cry when you will realize // But I’m not feeling good anymore // Everyday it’s getting worst // I’m depressed but I dont give up the fight // You’re just next to me but you dont realize // I keep it for myself, I’m not proud // But I live with it, I’ll overwhelm it //

Hey Hey // That’s the story of my life // Maybe I will cry all night // (There is) always something wrong in my thoughts // (There is) always a bad taste in my mouth // I’m not sure of what’s good or not // I don’t know what I’ll become

I can feel you’re more distant to me those days // It’s true I’m not easy to live day by day // It’s true I do not smile anymore // Too much stress at my job, I feel like a whore // Now my energy is leaving me // I’m not sure to win that fight // I want to give up and to stay in the night

Now I am taking my pills // I feel better but I am scared // I do not control my feels // I’ve never been prepared // Everything is falling apart around me and you say It’s because of me // I am worried for my future // You talk to me like shit, giving me orders

I can’t bear you anymore // You don’t understand me anymore // I can feel the end is near and it will not be a happy end // I couldn’t bear you anymore // You’re not alive anymore // So am I since I’ve been sick // I’m loosing my mind, the rope is my last wish
Track Name: One Day
One day you left us with your bag on your back // You quit everything to find your own way // I discovered what was inside of me // A dark soul with a lot of tears and many screams

One day I woke up in a brutal way // You were not here anymore you flew away // One day I woke up in a brutal way // You were not here anymore // You chose another way

I don’t care anymore about my salary // I just wanna breath some fresh air around me // I don’t care anymore about you // I just wanna focus on me

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